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Iggesund Paperboard has bought two complete PulpEye sets which is the company’s second biggest order ever. Photo: Holmen

Press Release Major PulpEye order from Iggesund

PulpEye received its second biggest order ever when Iggesund paperboard bought two complete PulpEye sets, one for the unbleached and one for the bleached pulps. Both PulpEye cabinets are equipped with modules for online analysis of kappa number, brightness, fibre, shives and fibre wall thickness as well as the dot analyser DotEye. The order also […]

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Cartulinas CMPC Maule first to buy PulpEye in Chile

The Chilean folding boxboard maker Cartulinas CMPC S.A has bought two PulpEye online analyser systems to its mill in Maule, one of the world’s biggest folding boxboard mills. This is the first PulpEye order to Chile. One system will be installed in the BTMP pulp mill and the other in the board mill’s stock preparation. […]

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Cartulinas CMPC Maule först att köpa PulpEye i Chile

Den chilenska tillverkaren av falskartong, Cartulinas CMPC S.A. har köpt två PulpEye-system för online kvalitetskontroll till sitt bruk i Maule, ett av världens största falskartongbruk. Det är PulpEyes första Chileorder. Ett av systemen kommer att installeras i BCTMP-bruket och det andra i kartongbrukets mälderi. Cartulinas CMPC S.A., ett dotterbolag till Empresas CMPC S.A., har producerat […]

Vacuum dewatering – a successful method for nanocellulose tests

Laboratory drainage tests become difficult for suspensions containing a large proportion of fines or nanocellulose due to the small sizes of these elements. Already ten years ago scientific studies proved that vacuum dewatering is the best method in these cases. PulpEye’s Dynamic Drainage Analyser, DDA 5, is hence increasingly used by companies involved in nanocellulose […]

PulpEye launches Dynamic Drainage Analyzer DDA 5 with new features

PulpEye, is an innovative measurement technology company, is now launching the fifth generation of its Dynamic Drainage Analyzer, DDA 5. This model, like its predecessors, gives drainage values comparable to real drainage situations on modern paper machines’ wire sections. One of the new features is an automatic retention module which can calculate the retention by […]

[Swedish] Stora Enso Fors Bruk har investerat i två kompletta PulpEye-system

Stora Enso Fors Bruk har investerat i två kompletta PulpEye online analyssystem, inklusive modulerna CrillEye och ExtractEye, liksom uppgradering av ett befintligt system. Som grund för den investeringen ligger behovet av att ersätta gammal analysutrustning på CTMP-linjerna samt att få god kontroll på fiberegenskaper och massakvalitén för kartongmaskin 2. Dessutom hoppas Stora Enso Fors Bruk […]