RedEye is a cost-efficient and robust analyser of black liquor, white liquor and green liquor in the recovery cycle. RedEye is based on a spectroscopic measuring technology. Analysis data for Effective Alkali, Active Alkali, Residual Alkali and Total Titratable are presented. The analyser has an integrated PC with touch screen and all operator communication is done via the screen. After each measurement the flow cell is flushed with water and ready for the next analysis.

Due to the spectrophotometric technology RedEye is also used to measure sugar content in ethanol as well as liquors in dissolving cellulose processes.


  • The built-in automatic self-calibration ensures stable measurement results.
  • Based on spectrophotometry and thus no titration solution is needed.
  • Contributes to optimising the recovery process.
  • Measurements are performed within a few seconds and results are quickly provided.
  • The RedEye analyser can handle samples from up to 16 sample points.

Only very few moving parts minimises the need for maintenance.