Vessel Cells

Vessel Cells

Vessel cells exist in certain hardwood pulps and are often relatively intact in the pulp process which might have a negative impact on pulp quality. They can cause print problems like dust and white spots in printed areas. Based on the patented technology to measure fibre wall thickness, PulpEye Vessel measures the quantity and size of vessel elements in hardwood pulps.

Measuring the quantity and size of vessel elements in pulp is of interest for pulp manufacturers in order to classify pulp. It is also of interest for papermakers using pulps with big vessel cells or deinked pulp containing vessel cells from hardwood.


  • The images of fibres and vessel cells are clearly visualised.
  • The analysis results, expressed as e.g. number of vessel cells per a certain amount of pulp, are presented. Critical limits can therefore be set.
  • The accuracy of PulpEye Vessel compared with manual checking on sheets of pulp is high and results are delivered in real time.
  • Measurement online minimizes rejections.

Please observe that the PulpEye fibre or shives module is required.