Photo of our Kappa module

The KappaEye module is based on proven technology that enables measurement of kappa number in a robust and reliable way. It is based on the original STFI method and quickly produces reliable analysis results from each sample point. 

By having continuous Kappa number data the effectiveness of cooking, as well as oxygen delignification and bleaching, are controlled and actions can be taken. Depending on the mill’s process and pulp grades produced, sample points can be anywhere in the fibre line from the digester blow line to the finished bleached or unbleached pulp.


  • Continuous Kappa number measurements of cooking, delignification and bleaching processes reduce process deviations from target values.
  • Reduction of Kappa number variations reduces the amount and costs of cooking and bleaching chemicals.
  • A fibre line with less variations is more stable and therefore causes a lower environmental load.


Recommended add-on to KappaEye: ScreenEye is a screening and washing unit that is installed close to the sampling point in the blow line. It screens and washes the pulp sample before reaching the KappaEye analyser.

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