Training options

Training options

The training of customer technicians can take place either on site at the customer or at centrally organised training sessions. Training on site is a cost efficient way when combined with start-up of equipment or service visits which allows for customer adopted education.

PulpEye offers the following training options:

Start-up training

This training is given on site to mixed groups covering both day and shift crews from operation, lab, E&I and management. This includes installation, function and operation. Simple maintenance issues include start/stop, alarms, trouble-shooting sampling and valves, cleaning of freeness tester etc.

To perform the start-up and the training efficiently, the customer appoints 1-2 persons who both attain the whole start-up. The best training for the appointed specialists is by participating in the start-up. Here are all areas covered – installation, function, operation, preventive maintenance, trouble shooting, calibrations.

During service visits this training can be done with new people working with the PulpEye equipment.

Advanced utilization training

When a customer has had the PulpEye equipment for a while and wants to utilize even more features and opportunities offered by the technology an advanced utilization training is offered on site. It is aimed at service, laboratory and specialists and the participants get in-depth information of the PulpEye hardware and software as well as advices on what can be gained even more from the analyzer and its modules.

PulpEye PPD Process training

This is a two-day education covering deeper knowledge about different pulp property measurements, methods, calibrations, calculations and standards, data handlings and communication. Presentations of all modules and their applications as well as process control, monitoring and applications. This education is organised once a year and invitations are sent out to PulpEye users.