Service options

Service options

Once the PulpEye installation is approved the customer has a one year guarantee period during which the service is free of charge. Thereafter service agreements are signed aiming at long-life reliable performance of the analyser modules.

We have worldwide service of our PulpEye modules and equipment to guarantee a very high availability and function. Our service technicians have a solid background of technical service and maintenance in industrial environments. PulpEye produces its own products and our service technicians can therefore quickly bring back customer ideas and experiences to PulpEye. This brings faster results and also better opportunities for PulpEye users to influence development and improvements.

PulpEye offers a complete service program for our PulpEye analyzers

Preventive service

When the guarantee year has ended most customers sign a Preventive service agreement. This contains service visits by a PulpEye service technician once or twice a year during which the PulpEye units are serviced and calibrated according to a comprehensive maintenance list.

Remote access service

Solving urgent problems by a remote check, as a result of a call or an email from the customer, often avoids extra service visits at the mill. As the service technician on duty can connect to the PulpEye module in question, it is often easy to find the solution together with the customer. This saves costs and speeds up the time needed to solve possible problems. The remote access service agreement consists of free telephone or email support for an agreed number of hours. Every workday between 8.00 and 17.00 CET one PulpEye service technician is on duty to answer customer calls on +46 70 618 63 01 or emails to The status of each case is continuously followed up in our system.

Monthly remote service

PulpEye offers a monthly remote service securing a good and stable availability of the equipment. It means that PulpEye service staff is doing remote troubleshooting according to an agreed protocol. If problems are detected and possible to solve, the customer is informed and can swiftly take necessary steps to eliminate the identified problem. The agreement covers troubleshooting according to the protocol and a report on actions taken. Possible problems are detected faster, which means less time with inaccurate measurements, better availability as well as improvement suggestions. As a consequence, this leads to training of mill service engineers as well.

Frequent on-site service

This is a full service agreement including preventive and on-site service.

Major overhaul

Like with cars where certain parts are changed after specified mileages, PulpEye offers a service agreement on a major overhaul every third year. During such an overhaul all wear parts are exchanged bringing the PulpEye unit up to a condition comparable to a new one. This avoids sudden problems due to break downs of worn out parts and secures constant high performance.

Other service options

In spite of our different service packages some customers might want other solutions. We are therefore open to do service purely on demand or to put together tailor-made service packages according to individual needs.