ScanChip, chip analyzerThe ANDRITZ ScanChip analyzer uses image analysis technology from PulpEye to monitor chip quality quickly and accurately. ScanChip is designed to be used either online integrated with the pulp mill’s control system or offline as a laboratory instrument. It can also be equipped with an automatic chip sampling device to take regular, representative samples from the chip flow, thereby providing a safe online chip quality measurement system.

The analyzer defines chip quality regarding length, width and thickness. Optional measurement modules analyzing moisture or brightness are available. The analyzer can be installed in various positions, for example after the chipper or before the pulping process.

As ScanChip is a result of a joint development between ANDRITZ and PulpEye, analysis data can be fed into ExtractEye and be a part of the PulpOnTarget calculations of pulp properties.


  • Obtaining accurate and frequent chip quality data so that the pulping process can be adjusted to match actual chip quality.
  • Optimizing the interval between chipper knife changes.
  • Documenting the quality of purchased chips to ensure proper payments.
  • Replacing labor-intensive chip sampling and laboratory tests.
  • Defining chip quality in accordance with testing or mill standards like the SCAN method.

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