Fibre Wall Thickness

Fibre Wall Thickness

Based on an FPInnovations patent, online measurement of fibre wall thickness, FWT, is a powerful tool for minimizing variability in pulp quality. Knowing fibre wall thickness allows more control of the process in order to achieve optimal paper and board strength properties. Data from the FWT module can be used for raw material control, fractionation, product development or quality assurance certification for customers.

Quality and mixtures of different wood species can vary from supplier to supplier. Data from the FWT module, when combined with fibre length data enable mills to in real time accurately estimate critical end-use properties. These include refined pulp tensile strength properties that are typically costly and time-consuming to measure and are key elements of pulp quality for paper and board mills.


  • By measuring fibre wall thickness, the results can be used to maintain a more even supply of wood chips.
  • The FWT module provides valuable information when deciding refining strategies to produce the best output quality.
  • Control of pulp fractionation.
  • Product development control when the correlation between paper properties and fibre mixture is important.
  • Provides strength data for quality certifications for pulp customers.

The PulpEye fibre/shives module is required.