DotEye Powder

DotEye Powder

powdereye in a customer installation

DotEye Powder is based on a technology originally developed for pulp suspensions and is able to detect dots and other impurities in powder products. This is essential to powder products which have to meet very high demands on cleanliness.

The powder stream flows through a measurement cell where it is photographed. The picture is analysed by an advanced image analysis programme and impurities are detected. The result is displayed on a screen to the process operators and process problem can be corrected quickly.


  • DotEye Powder replaces manual analysis by analysing samples every tenth minute.
  • DotEye Powder is an efficient tool for early detection of possible process problems which could cause dark dots in the finished product.
  • An efficient analysis and control tool which increases the product quality and minimizes rejects and customer complaints.