Shives content

The shives module is a shives classification module working according to TAPPI/ISO standards. The shives content has a major impact on the final product and needs to be monitored to maintain even quality. The shives module measures the shives content of the sample. Accurate and rapid information on average shives length, shives width, amount of shives and shives weight are important knowledge in order to optimise the pulp process.

Data from the shives module can be used for quality inspection, fault detection, raw material control, product development or quality assurance for customers.


  • The shives module detects variations in the wood supply.
  • Replacing time consuming laboratory testing providing reliable and frequent results.
  • Rapid sample processing.
  • Continuous monitoring of the shives content minimizes the risks for downgrading of pulps.
  • Early detection before paper or board machines speeds up the possibilities to solve or eliminate many quality problems, including web breaks.