PulpEye unit sold to SCA R&D Centre

PulpEye unit sold to SCA R&DSCA R&D Centre has bought a PulpEye unit with an inbuilt CrillEye unit. It replaces their present fibre analyser equipment. The equipment will be used in their product development as well as in the project “Improved fines material control” where SCA, Mid Sweden University and PulpEye are project partners. It is a project in the research school FORIC that starts in January 2015 with the first seminars.

SCA R&D Centre, located in Sundsvall, conducts mill and market driven R&D mainly for SCA Forest Products units. It covers the complete value chain from the raw material in the forest to the final products in the hands of the customer. SCA cooperates closely with Mid-Sweden University which buildings are connected to each other. SCA R&D Centre cooperates also with many other partners, for example external research institutes, universities and a number of machine and chemical suppliers.

“I am very pleased that SCA R&D Centre has chosen PulpEye as their new fibre analysing equipment,” Öjvind Sundvall comments. “The contribution of crill to paper and board properties have been known for a while but it has not been possible to measure it online in a reliable way. However, with our CrillEye module coupled to ExtractEye calculation module, this is now reality and it was a contributing factor for SCA R&D Centre to buy PulpEye.”

“Mattias Lundberg, a PulpEye employee and Ph.D. student at FORIC research school at Mid Sweden University, will run the “Improved fines material control” project where SCA, Mid Sweden University and we are project partners. The new PulpEye equipment with its CrillEye module will play an important role in this project,” Öjvind Sundvall finishes.

“For the researchers at FSCN, Mid Sweden University, this new CrillEye-machine is very valuable. We have close cooperation with SCA R&D Centre and PulpEye and I am very satisfied with the additional research we can develop with the CrillEye module, “ Per Engstrand says, professor in High Yield Pulping Technology at FSCN, Mid Sweden University. “It fits in perfect with our existing machines in the labs. I also hope that it will help us to develop our research and networks even more the coming years while we now start the new research school for industry employed researchers, FORIC, with 15 new PhD students.”

Photo: Mats Söderberg SCA R&D Centre, Per Engstrand och Håkan Edlund MiUn, Karin Persson, Bengt Wikman och Carl-Magnus Olsson SCA R&D Centre, Öjvind Sundsvall, Mathias Lundberg och Anders Forsberg PulpEye AB.