Dynamic Drainage Analyzer sold to China

PulpEye has sold the Dynamic Drainage analyzer, DDA, to China. The customer is Kemira China and who has a long experience of the DDA analyzer with several DDA units in use worldwide.

DDA uses vacuum drainage which simulates real paper machine conditions much better than free drainage methods. The DDA unit has a very high sensitivity and gives better accuracy on slow drained pulps compared to other laboratory methods. DDA measures drainage and permeability. Retention and dry substance can also be calculated.

Kemira provides expertise, application know-how and tailored combinations of chemicals for water-intensive industries. The company focuses on pulp & paper, oil & gas, mining and water treatment to improve the customers’ water, energy and raw material efficiency. Kemira has a long experience of the DDA analyzer and has several DDA units worldwide.

“We are happy to deliver yet another DDA unit to Kemira. To us that is a confirmation of the equipment’s reliable performance. This is not the first DDA in China and we expect more deliveries to follow,” Öjvind Sundvall comments.