2017 will be all-time high for PulpEye analyser sales!

Year 2017 is forecasted to be yet another all-time high for PulpEye. 2016 was successful as regards sales of PulpEye online pulp analysers. Never before has so many orders for PulpEye modules been placed. 2017 will be even better!

“It is really fantastic that we have recently sold PulpEye equipment to customers in Europe, North America and in Asia”, Öjvind Sundvall, MD PulpEye, comments. “The customers are all new customers to us, producing very different types of pulp and paper products. This confirms that our modules are useful in any kind of pulp production as well as in paper mills’ stock preparation. Most customers use the PulpEye equipment to control the pulp quality online. Some customers, however, even use PulpEye in their R&D work, which really is a proof of the confidence they have in our technologies.”

“It is obvious that we are riding on a wave of success”, says Karl Sandin, technician at PulpEye and responsible for the assembling of the analyser. “We are really busy building PulpEye analysers, tailor-made to each customer’s needs, at the same speed as the orders are coming in”.

NB 1 Montering

Image. Karl Sandin, technician at PulpEye doing the check out on a brand new PulpEye analyser.

“During 2016 we delivered many PulpEye analysers to old as well as to new customers,and every sign tells us that 2017 will continue and prove to be even better”, Öjvind Sundvall continues. I can only say to all our customers; “Thank you very much for your trust in PulpEye equipment!” Not only do we have an all-time high in sales and requests for quotes, but we can also state that PulpEye equipment is used to control the quality of any kind of pulp – sulphate and sulphite pulps, both short and long fibre, bleached and unbleached, TMP, CTMP and BCTMP as well as NSSC, OCC and de-inked pulps. What more can we ask for?