Elof Hansson is appointed agent for PulpEye

[singlepic id=12 w=320 h=240 float=right]PulpEye and the related products are now closer to the pulp and paper industry worldwide. This is the result of our cooperation with Elof Hansson, who now represents us in 30 countries worldwide.

The agreement is a result of an interest from both parties, PulpEye is ready for increased

international presence and Elof Hansson had a gap in their product portfolio to ݃ll.
“I am very pleased that we have got such a well reputed sales force to represent PulpEye on important markets in the world,” Öjvind Sundvall, MD at PulpEye, comments. “Our products are well-known in northern Europe and North  America and we were therefore exploring different possibilities to widen our international presence. Elof Hansson is an ideal solution for us as they are globally present with quali݃ed sales and service people and facilities. Our intensive work to launch PulpEye to new market continues and we will give
Elof Hansson full support needed to make this agreement a success.” “To us PulpEye and the products around it ݃ts very nicely into our product portfolio,” says Jose݃n Wallman, Manager Equipment and Components at Elof Hansson. “We have skilled sales and
service staff for all the markets and are sure that we together with the PulpEye people will achieve good sales results, particularly as the products have a very good reputation on existing markets. We are also, by the way, opening a new of݃ce in Shanghai with David Ong as of݃ce manager in order to strengthen our presence on this growing
Above is a picture from Elof Hansson head of݃ce in Gothenburg with the management team. Main product areas for Elof Hansson are forest products, industrial products and consumer products.