Zellstoff Stendal Mercer Group, Germany and Canfor Pulp, Canada invests in ExtractEye -”Pulp on Target”

Eurocon has received the trust to supply our ExtractEye ”Pulp on Target” to Zellstoff Stendal in Germany and Canfor Pulp in Canada.

“We are very pleased to announce these orders and we will make sure to meet and exceed expectations. This is an acknowledgement of our continuous development of new products and a breakthrough on the international market.”

ExtractEye is a unique product that can be integrated into our PulpEye pulp analyzer for advanced quality monitoring online. PulpEye is based on the latest technology and carries out automatic measurements with high accuracy and frequency, which is necessary to monitor and control the important quality parameters in the production line. This will generate added value in lower production cost and less variability.