RedEye_Skåp_2The RedEye® on-line analyzer provides you with real time process information. It gives you opportunities to detect changes in the process at an early stage.

The continuous flow of quality variables from RedEye® will help you reach and maintain product quality.

Complete service solution

All RedEye® units will come with a full remote service and “on-site” service package. This will guarantee continuous quality results delivered by your equipment.

No internal manpower is required to operate or maintain RedEye®. You can keep your focus on the process.

Patented Sensor

The patented RedEye® inline senesor head is designed for tough environments and is easy to install. The measuring signal from the head is distributed through fiber optic cables to a rugged instrument cabinet where sensitive optic and electronic components are well protected from the harsh process environment.


The RedEye® on-line analyzer is able to detect numerous chemical compounds in your process. The measuring probe is designed to operate on fluids as well as thick suspensions.

Online application examples:

  • Cooking liquor color on dissolving pulp
  • Detect residual sugars and alcohols in fermentation processes.
  • COD/TOC in waste water
  • Black and white liquor analysis.

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