Drainage has a big impact on the final product and needs to be monitored in order to maintain even quality. This reliable and frequent quality inspection enables the pulp manufacturer to control and optimize the pulp quality. The freeness module is designed for on-line operation with very few moving parts that can cause downtime.

The freeness measurement is done according to ISO/Tappi standards in less than two minutes, giving accurate and rapid results. The output is Freeness, CSF (ml), Shopper Riegler, SR (°) and Modified Shopper Riegler, MSR (°). EWD (sec) is available as option.


  • Replacing time consuming laboratory testing.
  • Rapid sample processing giving accurate and detailed drainage information.
  • Continuous monitoring of the drainage of the final pulp minimizes risks for downgrading of pulps.
  • Early detection speeds up the possibilities to solve or eliminate many quality problems.