DotEye is an online pulp dirt counting and classification module working according to TAPPI/ISO standards. Dirt and impurities might be introduced in the pulp process, causing quality problems in pulp, paper or board products. DotEye dirt counter measures small impurities in pulp suspensions. An advanced vision system scans the whole pulp sample and any impurities are registered.

Data from DotEye can be used for quality inspection, fault detection, raw material control, product development or quality assurance for customers. Manufacturers of market pulp, paper and board as well as R&D departments can all benefit from using DotEye.


  • DotEye detects bark and other contaminations as well as those from other raw materials in the pulps produced.
  • Replacing subjective visual inspection providing reliable and frequent results.
  • Continuous quality inspection by DotEye of the pulp minimizes the risks for downgrading of pulps.
  • Dirt problems can be detected already in the pulp mill and dealt with before reaching the paper or board machine.
  • Speeds up the possibilities to solve and eliminate quality problems.