Usually consistency calibrations are done manually, which takes time and the result might be influenced by how the measurement is done. ConsistencyEye answers customer needs of faster measurements and calibration consistency sensors in flows up to 7 % solid content. It is a quick process and no laboratory work is needed at start-ups and calibration. The method is particularly suitable for measurements of low consistency streams, e.g. in paper and board machines’ stock preparation departments.


  • Correct concentration data give full control regarding mass balance of stock preparation flows and ensures good balance of the white water system.
  • Reliable calibration of consistency sensors.
  • A consistency calibration in a flow takes only two minutes instead of earlier typically 40 to 60 minutes for existing laboratory methods.
  • Results independent of people.
  • Easy to calibrate with laboratory samples verified against ISO/TAPPI laboratory standard.
  • No need for oven dried samples.