Sampler M10

The PulpEye M10 sampler is designed to be installed in the pulp and paper process industry. The design is robust and reliable for years of trouble-free operation. Extraction of a representative sample can only be done by using a specially designed sampler. The M10 sampler is designed for on-line operation in the consistency range of 0.5 % – 7 %. A representative sample is extracted by taking the sample about 3/4” inside the process pipe wall which avoids the effects of the pipe wall’s water film.


  • Replacing ball valves.
  • Reliable and representative results.
  • Safe sampling
  • When the M10 sampler is used with a PulpEye analyser the distance from the sampler can be up to 230 m, 750 ft.
  • Low maintenance provides years of trouble-free operation.