ContainerEye contains a PulpEye cabinet equipped with modules according to customer needs. It is a turnkey delivery ready to connect with sample points, water, electricity and sewer. It offers a cost efficient package solution.

Long distances from sample points are normally no problems and a PulpEye unit can be placed in a quiet and clean spot, beneficial for users as well as the analyser. However, in cases where there is no such possibility ContainerEye is a cost efficient and perfect environment for users and analyser.


  • The installation is fast as there are no needs to re-build or build new facilities to house the PulpEye cabinet.
  • The PulpEye unit is placed in a protected, quiet, clean and temperature controlled container.
  • It is a cost efficient solution in cases when the alternative is to erect a purpose built facility.
  • Easy to move between different mills if needed within a Group.