“Pulp On Target”

PulpEye standard cabinetPulpEye® is the base in our world leading modular analysis system that we developed for the pulp and paper industry. Our analyzers and control systems are sold individually and together as complete process solutions.

PulpEye® is developed in close cooperation with our professional clients and is based on our long experience in the field of on-line analyzers and control systems for the pulp and paper industry.

PulpEye® constitutes a robust and flexible cutting edge analyzer that combines the latest technology with minimized demands of service. A complete fiber analysis is done in 30-40 seconds with a camera speed of 60 frames per second. A fiber, shive and CSF analysis is completed in less than 5 minutes, ready to dictate the output to control systems as ControlEye® and ExtractEye®.

Examples of clients who have chosen PulpEye®: SCA, Holmen, StoraEnso, Iggesund, Mondi, M-real, BillerudKorsnäs, Rottneros, Waggeryd Cell, Mercer group, Canfor.

PulpEye® measures pulp quality online from one or multiple positions and manual samples.

PulpEye® today offers the following measuring modules for online/offline applications:

  • Freeness (CSF/SR/MSR/EWD)
  • Fiber dimensions
  • Shive content
  • Process consistency
  • Brightness
  • pH
  • RMEye® manual samplings
  • LabEye® automatic sample collector
  • DotEye®
  • KappaEye®

PulpEye® advantages:

  • Quick results
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Easy to reach data.
  • Low maintenance – few mowing parts, chemical cleaning is standard.
  • Flexible and simplified construction.
  • PulpEye® can handle online pulp samples from one or multiple positions as well as manual samples.
  • No hot water required for cleaning or freeness measurements – no heating costs.
  • Allows long sampling lines. Today’s record is 230 meters.
  • Future modular ready design. We invented the modular analyzer and control system for the pulp and paper industry and we are still cutting edge.

Talk to some of our PulpEye® users or call us for more information.

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