PulpEye is a world-leading modular analysis system developed for the pulp and paper industry. It is a robust and flexible system combining base functions with cutting edge technology and minimum service needs. PulpEye covers both crucial parameters in the fibre line as well as in the recovery cycle.

The PulpEye base unit consists of a cabinet with space for three analyzer modules measuring pulp quality parameters online from one or more sampling positions. Based on customer-specific needs, modules are combined and connected in a system providing analysis data and control of any specific fibre property. When needed, additional cabinets are added for more modules.

General PulpEye benefits:

  • Quick results
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Easy to reach data.
  • Low maintenance – few mowing parts, chemical cleaning is standard.
  • Flexible and robust construction.
  • PulpEye handles online pulp samples from many positions as well as manual samples, i.e. no need for laboratory analyzers.
  • No heating costs.
  • Allows up to 230 meter long sampling pipes.
  • Easy to add more analyzer modules.

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