Advanced process control system

ControlEye® is an advanced multivariable process control system that utilizes real time pulp quality data for quality control of chip refiners, LC and HC refiners in stock prep area and screen rooms.

ControlEye® is based on the latest control engineering technology (MPC). It processes data from fiber analyzers as fiber fractions, CSF or shives for example, in pulp process controlling.

Eurocon can offer complete quality control systems by combining our know how with PulpEye® analyzer and ControlEye®. ControlEye® can also be combined with other fiber analyzers on market such as for example PQM from Metso.

ControlEye® advantages:

  • Minimizes quality variations. A CSF variation reduces with 70%.
  • Equalizes quality
  • Reduces process energy consumption with up to 100 kWh/ton
  • Maximized fiber production

References: ControlEye® for TMP refiners has been installed at SCA Ortviken, Sweden and Holmen Hallsta, to minimize variations of freeness.

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